Graph Atik

Welcome Art Atiks! I go by the name of "Graph", and I am from North Babylon, NY, currently residing in Queens, NY. Atik ( Adik ) is a purposely mis spelling for addict, which means to be addicted to a certain substance and for me that is creativity.  This site is a simple platform for what I love to do everyday and for the people who admire it. 
My work is heavily influenced by Hip hop, poetry, jazz, sports, black films, and my family. Certain artist and creatives such as Spike Lee and Naturel influenced me as well.  My style came to me very randomly, after a J.Cole concert I went to with my homie at Madison Square Garden. I guess I was so inspired, I went home and did a Big Sean piece and ever since that design I ran off with the Geometric shapes I use today. Its a very unique approach but I love the fact I don't see anyone doing it and I am in a lane of my own.
Another Form of style is my expression around the main image of the design so I can bring emotion to the image. When most people listen to music, for most it brings them back to a memory of a certain individual or moment they were listening to that song. That is what I want my art to do, bring you back to a unforgettable memory that brings you smiles and laughter.  
Thank you to everyone who supports what I do and enjoy the art, I have many ideas and hope my art opens more doors for me to express the things I love to those who shows the same admiration. 
Thanks to my Homie Dell Ward who put this site together and to the whole Boyce Fam!